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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Design your BMW using the Build-Your-Own tool at BMWUSA.com. Copy the build code when you've created your masterpiece and submit it below!

<span>Easy as 1, 2, 3</span>

It's official. M5 Touring. USA

Seventh generation of the BMW M5 Sedan already undergoing an intensive testing programme. The first BMW M5 Touring was launched back in 1992 based on the second-generation BMW M5 Sedan and has since stood for a combination of high performance and everyday practicality on four wheels. Reserve yours now.

Competition Package: Standard Equipment

Competitive pricing for current inventory and factory orders with full access to manufacturer rebates and incentives are always standard equipment. Fancy something more... fancy? Experience the ultimate in exclusivity with BMW Individual.

<span>Competition Package: Standard Equipment</span>

Expert Insights and Guidance

With over 20 years of experience, you'll work with the best Factory Rep, BMW Financial Services Liaison, and Sales Manager. David has been recognized numerous times for achieving the highest M Sales in the United States.

<span>Expert Insights and Guidance</span>

Start your BMW journey with David.

While a fair, hassle-free deal was great, the most important aspect of the deal: The salesman built a long-term relationship with me -- and consequently trust -- instead of treating me like a potential short-term sales conquest. I can't speak for every customer, but I don't shop for cars -- I shop for a dealership that's going to be nakedly transparent and respect my time and needs. I suspect other customers feel the same. After I posted about my delivery and transaction experience, I received a reply from another poster: "I live in Detroit as well, and have leased from David 3 times now. Absolutely painless process every time." Can't buy that kind of reputation. - Omari Gardner

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